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The way people find jobs has changed. But one thing has not. Someone gets hired.

Someone's Gonna Get Hired . . . It Might As Well Be You! is the apt and truthful title of Ron Katz’s informative and engaging new book designed to take you off the unemployment line and back into the workforce.

“The book deals with the practical as well as the emotional side of losing, finding, and keeping a job,” says Katz, President of Penguin HR Consulting. “And it was born from my work with people who unexpectedly found themselves in transition.” Someone's Gonna Get Hired . . . delivers more than a how-to interview guide, teaching you to:

  • Answer dreaded questions like “Why aren’t you currently employed?”
  • Build multiple networks to connect to the unadvertised opportunities
  • Deal with the stress of losing or finding a job
  • Decide if and when the time is right to go out on your own
  • Effectively target your search so you don’t take the wrong job

This is a book that will help you begin to understand what’s happened to you and provide a roadmap to help you find your way through the multitude of doubts, fears and questions running through your head.

This is not a book of answers. It is a book of questions. Questions about what you can do next. Questions about changing careers. About starting your own business. About creating your next opportunity. You may want a book that will tell you exactly what to do to find a job, but no book can. Not this book or any other. What this book will do is help you to pave the path to your next job. It will help you figure out what you might do, what you might want to do and what you can do. This is a book for people who are employed, unemployed, under-employed and undecided.

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