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I wish I had had the clear advice and the thoughtful guidance this book delivers when I was down-sized. Ron's reality-based and up-to-date information provokes the response, "Oh, he wrote this for me."
—Mary D’Amato, Rx Management

This book is just like its author: straight-talking, practical, and optimistic. Ron Katz has a real gift for nudging us in the right direction.
—Tom Terez, Founder, and

A positive, upbeat and refreshing book! Ron Katz leaves nothing out in this helpful guide.
—Matthew DeLuca, Author
Best Answers to the 201 Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions

Ron's respectful attitude and excellent listening skills combined with years of experience and practical advice makes him unique. In a world where self-promotion often substitutes for substance, Ron is the real deal. It is a joy to work with him.
—Phyllis Zahnd, Ph.D., Academic Organizing and Time Management Professional

Ron Katz provided sound and practical advice on everything from writing a resume, to interviewing and presentations. As someone who had worked in the same organization for 30 years, I needed the perspective of a top-notch professional job coach.
—Marcia M. Brewster, Senior Consultant and Technical Editor
Nautilus International Development Consulting Inc.

Ron gave me the courage to re-invent myself for a new stage of my life and to return to a previous career, which I had loved.
—Theresa DeLise, Academic Librarian

Ron has helped me identify my weaknesses, propped me up and made me feel confident before a big interview, and always, no matter how much anxiety or angst, Ron has been able to make me laugh at the world we inhabit. He knows how to give a person who is hurting time and space, and he is aware of process. And most importantly, Ron has taught me "you can always start over."
—Emma Fessler, LCSWR

Ron Katz has the rare talent of identifying and then marketing the knowledge, problem solving, or physical skill one has that others will buy.
—Bill Hladky, Audit Professional

Ron uses his skills and experience, and importantly compassion, when dealing with the difficulties inherent in job search. A great professional and an exceptional individual.
—Rob Carroll, Financial Services Professional

The secret to Ron's success is that he is willing to help anytime, anywhere and anyhow.
—Ron Friedman, Accounting Professional

Ron combines professional expertise with a realistic attitude, a sense of humor, and compassion to help job-seekers deal effectively with both the psychological and the practical aspects of the most difficult job of all—finding one.
—Software Products Executive

Each meeting with Ron has been informative and encouraging. I have tons of respect for him.
—Fred Hoffmann, Academic Librarian

As a college graduate entering today's professional landscape without a compass, I found that Ron’s insights put my skills into practical context. His advice proves invaluable time and time again.
—Andrew Grossman